The First Post

Start a blog and change the world!  Probably not, but start a blog and amuse myself will suffice.  Amuse a few other people and that’ll be a success.

Who am I?  Why am I writing a blog?  What’s the blog about?  Why should you read it?  That’s pretty much what’s on tap for the first post.

I. Why should you read this blog?

I thought I’d start with this question to save you reading the rest if I’m not barking up your tree.  If you are a hockey fan who questions why teams sign the players they do, play the strategy they do and wonder if there is a better way, then this blog is for you.

If you love baseball then this blog might be for you.  Bill James, Joe Posnanski and Billy Beane fans are welcome here.  Joe Morgan, Ken Rosenthal and Steve Phillips fans aren’t going to like me.

If you dig fantasy football and baseball then I’m your guy.  I won’t try to predict who the best free agent pickups will be, but I will help you draft a better team and make better strategic decisions as the season wears on. 

If you like golf or tennis, welcome!  I won’t blow your mind with my writings in these areas but I can’t ever seem to find anything written that isn’t smoke up someones backside.  Boring!

That’s about it.  If you’re into basketball, soccer, the CFL, bowling, darts or swimming, best to move along and forget we ever met.

II. What’s the blog about? 

That’s a good question.  Initially is was just going to be the typical blog where someone blows off on a bunch of topics and throws around a lot of opinions.  Basically self indulgent slop.   Fortunately I realized that those types of blogs suck, thus I would try to focus on a couple of themes.

The focus will be sports, with a loss of focus no more than once a month if I have something interesting to write about outside of sports.   There are going to be a few themes that will vary depending on the time of year:

Hockey, hockey, hockey (October to June):    I’m really interested in applying advanced statistics to hockey making decisions and will hopefully figure out some interesting things to say on the topic.  It just seems to me that all the great work that has gone on in baseball (Oakland A’s, Boston Redsox) and now in basketball (Houston Rockets) should translate to hockey as well.  I have a sneaking suspicison Detroit has this figured out, but I’m guessing they aren’t going to share what they know with me.

Fantasy football (September to January):    I don’t have much to add to the strategy of the game, but I am a solid fantasy player.  I won’t put out ‘pickups of the week’ or any of that stuff, but I will share some general strategy tips.  Given the season has already started, I might save this one for next year.

Baseball (February to October):  Who doesn’t love to read about baseball?  I’ll write a bit about fantasy baseball and likely have a fair bit of derivative work/ commentary using the great statisical insights created by folks like the Baseball Prospectus.  I doubt you’ll ever learn anything from me about baseball, but hopefully some of it will be interesting.

Golf and tennis (the majors):  I likely provide my own commentary on the big events.  You won’t learn anything but sometimes it’s fun to not learn.

III. Who am I? 

I’m a lot of things, but for the purposes of this blog, I’m a guy who loves sports but questions conventional wisdom.  Being smarter than the average bear results in interesting answers from time to time.  

In addition to being smart, I am really, really funny.  A survey of people who find me funny confirms this to be true.  My hope is that smart + funny will equal interesting to read. 

My favourite sport is hockey with the Edmonton Oilers being my team.  I break the rules by having the Toronto Maple Leafs as a second team, though no one can accuse me of jumping on that bandwagon. 

Next up is probably baseball, though I currently don’t really have a favourite team.  Blue Jays in my youth, but lost track of them when I moved to the Caribbean.  I find it refreshing to watch a sport without much of a vested interest in a team that has not shot at winning.  These days I find myself gravitating a bit towards St. Louis due to my man crush on Albert Pujols.  I even took my wife to Shea Stadium on our honeymoon to watch him.  Albert didn’t disappoint me with 2 HRs and 7 RBIs.  Best honeymoon ever!

Next up is football, with a life long love of the Buffalo Bills on account of having lived in Southern Ontario as a wee lad.  The one great thing that has come from cheering on the Bills is a great devotion to fantasy football.  Without it, I wouldn’t have much reason to get out of bed on Sundays.  There is a 42% chance my first heart attack will come in conjunction with Buffalo blowing a lead  late in the fourth quarter on Monday Night Football.

Ok, I’m bored listing sports I like.  I love to golf and love to watch tennis.  Long live Greg Norman and Roger Federer!  Can’t wait for Justine Henin next year.

IV. Why write a blog? 

A few reasons I suppose.  First off is that I love to write.  I find that when I write it enables me to formulate and articulate my thoughts much better than when I talk.  I tend to have so much floating through my head that it results in not much coming out my mouth.

Next up is years of being told by friends and family, “You should be a writer”.  They base that on my accounts of holidays, annual Xmas letters and borderline ridiculous fantasy football recaps.  In truth most of it is just a rambling stream of conciousness, but I can see that most of what I write is pure gold and worth sharing with a few more people.

The reality is that I’m not giving up my day job to become a writer, so a blogger is a nice option.  I really like my day job and it puts a nice roof over our heads and enables a fun life.  Why trade that in for a real tough gig?

V. Why ‘The Sports Juice’?

Cause I like the name and it makes use of a childhood nickname, “Juice”, which was a cool nickname until OJ went off his medication.  I realize it makes it sound like a gambling site which it is.  The gamble for you is whether or not reading me is a good use of your time!  It probably isn’t but cheers for stopping by!



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2 responses to “The First Post

  1. peoplespigskin

    Glad to have you aboard the blog wagon. Don’t be afraid to offer fantasy football advice this season. As you probably know, managing a fantasy team doesn’t end with the draft.


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