Shot of Sports Juice- Tipping not required, but Highly Effective

Flames 4 – Oilers 3 (SO)

Interesting on a day when one of the my favourite writers, Joe Posnanski, vents about the poor level of commentators, I am subjected to one of my least favourite colour guys, Louie Debrusk.  Perhaps it is just my comparison to his predecessor, Ray Ferraro, that leaves me feeling bitter, but it seems like Louie is a small step up from Beavis and Butthead.  “He-he fight”, “He-he the Flames are pushing hard for an equalizer in this game, he-he”.

But on this night, Louie brought something to the table when he indicated that he watched the Flames’s morning skate and they spent a half hour working on the tip drill.  The defense would shoot puck after puck, not at the net, but to the sides of the net while the forwards worked to tip them on net.  Sure enough, it was clear that the Flames D had little interest in hitting the net, instead shooting around the Oilers D to the sides of the net.  After a couple near misses, they scored on a tip for their second and third goals.  Well called Louie!

The Great

Oilers fourth line.  Adding a legitimate scorer in Gagner to this line has really looked good.  Stortini and Moreau are tough on the puck and they now have a guy to create scoring chances instead of having to be satisfied with killing time in the opponent’s end.

The Good

The Bulin wall.  He seemed a lot more calm in the net and was squared up on the puck most of the night.  Certainly can’t fault him on any of the three goals.  Jokinen shoot out attempt was something I would have stopped, but all in all a good performance.

The Bad

The Oilers second and third lines.  I can’t remember if they even played last night.  My only recollections were Comrie blindly throwing the puck to the middle of the ice trying a bit of razzle dazzle a couple of times.  Mike, you are only setting up a fast break opportunity for the opposition.  Take your time!

The Ugly

Having the game in hand with 39 seconds left and a faceoff in the Flames’s end.  I don’t remember the Oiler, but Iginla was just inside the blue line by the Oilers bench with nowhere to go.  He feigned like he was going to peel back, the Oiler bit, which allowed Iginla to turn up ice and get the puck deep.  9 seconds later and we were in overtime.  Yuck.

Here’s to hoping for a 5-1 whipping of Les Canadiens on Saturday night!


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