Shot of Sports Juice- The Presidents Cup Edition

I have to admit that I am a bit confused about what I like and dislike.  I was thinking about golf awhile back and I thought, “The Presidents Cup is way better than the Ryder Cup”.    My reasoning was pretty typical to the argument I think:

  1. The Presidents Cup puts the USA team against the best of the world, excluding Europe.  The rest of the world has much deeper talent pool than Europe.
  2. The Presidents Cup lets us see more of our favourite players in a team event.  Guys like Weir, Els, Goosen, and Singh.  The Ryder Cup has a bunch of European players we barely know.

As I look back, I think both of these statements are true, but they don’t make the Presidents Cup better than the Ryder Cup.  In fact, after this past weekend of golf I’m almost ready to call the Presidents Cup a truly boring waste of time.   I can’t figure out exactly what happened.  Was I merely wishing it would be the better tourney and had convinced myself it was true?  Was I completely biased by the fact that a Canadian (Weir) gets to play in the event and that’s subconsciously what made me like it better?

So I’ve revised my preference and will now present my reasons that the Ryder Cup is much better than the Presidents Cup:

  1. The teams truly care who wins the Cup.  I think this is in part the history, but there is truly some bad blood amongst the players.  Sergio is a jerk from time to time and Monty is annoying.  Add to that a bag of wind in Nick Faldo and I’m riled up just thinking about it.   The guys in the Presidents Cup are all buddies and good guys.  I think they even stay at the same hotel.  *
  2. The countries care who wins the Cup.  Or at least the folks in the UK really, really care.  They want nothing better than the sweet taste of victory.  For me, I can’t get pumped about supporting a team that puts players from Canada, South America, Africa, Australia and Asia together.   
     * It will be interested to see if  Robert Allenby’s comments about Anthony Kim might up the ante in 2011.   Allenby called Kim the PGA Tour’s current John Daly after Kim reportedly was out boozing until 4am Sunday morning.  Kim then had a 9am match against Allenby, a match that Kim won.
 For those who care about golf, what sayeth you? 

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