A Sporting Weekend!

Morning all.

I’m still working on a post looking at the Western Conference teams over the past three years.  I don’t think I’ve captured lightning in a bottle, but it should be a good read if I can figure out how to get the Excel bits to come out legible.

So that post will hopefully be out on Sunday.  In the meantime I will be checking out the competition when the Canucks come to Calgary to play the Flames tonight.  It pains me to admit, but the Canucks/Flames rivalry is significantly more intense than the Oiler/Flames, at least from a Calgary fan’s perspective.  The games are usually a lot of fun as long as one keeps away from the Saddledome’s draft beer!  Drink too much of that and your buddies end up putting you on a bus to Manitoba…

For the record, I will be cheering for the Canucks.  I learned long ago that there was no chance of me ever being converted to a Flames fan.  It was a game back in December 2005 if memory serves me, and the Wild were coming into town.  This was back when the the Wild were the most boring team in the world with their trap on overdrive. 

Part of me thought I would crack and start pulling for the Flames.  Surprisingly I found it easy to latch on to the Wild and cheer them on.  It’s amazing how the mind can play tricks to make you honestly believe something so bad (the Wild) can be so good, even if just for one night.

From there I’ll be at McMahon Stadium Saturday afternoon cheering on the Riders against the Stamps.  I’ll not a CFL fan by any stretch, but I’m contractually obligated to cheer for the Riders on account of my having been conceived and born in Saskatchewan.   It’ll be a lot more fun than cheering on the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, I can promise you that.

Enjoy the Oilers game tonight on PPV!  Let’s hope we can cut down the shots and scoring chances a bit and play a solid 60 minutes.



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2 responses to “A Sporting Weekend!

  1. Thanks Noob. Before fully trying you Excel idea, I did the following which worked. Note that I type my draft posts in Windows Live Writer.
    1. Left the Excel files as .xls
    2. Copied the rows and columns
    3. Went into MS Paint and pasted
    4. Saved as .bmp files
    5. Load the image into the post
    6. Resize the image

    So essentially the same thing without the pain of the .csv file. This was key for me because .csv can only be one tab and my files tend to have a bunch of tabs.

  2. Hockey Noob

    I am looking forward to reading your next post on the western conference. With wordpress, it’s difficult to post data or graphs from Excell, but I found a somewhat tedious trick.

    For data tables:
    1. Save the file as a .CSV file
    2. Copy the selected columns/rows that you want.
    3. Open any graphics program (MS Paint will work)
    4. Paste into paint
    5. Save as .jpg file
    6. Load the graphic into wordpress.

    For graphs
    Same as above, but copy/paste the graph into ms paint or other graphics program.

    Hope that helps.

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