Headed Down to the Saddledome for the Oilers at the Flames


A great line from a great song by big Oilers fan, Corb Lund.   When I first heard ‘Hurtin’ Albertans’, I thought maybe Corb lived around Calgary and was a Flames fan.  I was relieved to hear that he lives in Edmonton about 20 blocks from Northlands and bleeds the copper and blue.  Rumour has it he was working on an Oiler song but I’m not sure if he ever got anywhere with it.

So I’m sitting at home getting ready to head for the ‘Dome.  Ever since I moved to Calgary in 2005 I’ve been badgered about when I was going to switch allegiances to the home team.  It was even debated in the Calgary Herald a couple of years back (I was badly misquoted and shown in a light that suggests I was about to convert to serve the writer’s purposes).

Fortunately, any inklings of turning to the dark side are quickly quashed every time I go to a game, which is about 8-10 times a year.  While I appreciate the visual coolness of the ‘C of Red’, the jersey makes me squeamish.  The pregame also starts with some ridiculous ‘hard rock’ song to pump the fans up, including that horrible Nickelback song this year (Foo Fighters Hero last year).  Which song?  I dunno the name but the new one with the live video and the hugely repetitive chugging guitar riff.   For the Flames fan the choice of song does the trick.  For me, not so much which confirms every game that the Flames aren’t for me.

While Calgary is a jean jacket, camero driving type of fan base, Edmonton seems to have a little more punk to it, which suits me fine.  I haven’t heard what song they are using this year, but the Offspring song from last year to me is what you want to come out to.   Actually, Money City Maniacs by Sloan would be cool as well.

While I’m on a tangent, a suggestion for the Flames.  Don’t play dated hard rock songs and Cotton Eyed Joe between faceoffs and between periods!  If I’m Flames management I would be playing country every single song and truly create an unique hockey environment.  Now I don’t like country music, Corb Lund nothwithstanding, but I think that would be a pretty unique and cool theme for Calgary.  Come to the barn to battle the Flames and you’ve got everyone there with their boots on.  They had a country themed game last year that I went to and it was great.

But onto tonight’s game.  Buddy Adam flew in from Saskatoon last night to take in the game with me.  Adam and the Oilers go back pretty much all the way to birth.  Due to some fortunate circumstances (consistent height and packrat parents), he actually has his Oilers Starter jacket from the late 80’s.  He broke that out in Edmonton one game and he pretty much had the pick of the ladies that night.

That leads me to the all important question of what to wear to tonight’s game.  Historically it is a simple call of a white Oilers jersey and Oiler cap for me.  Due to the overall lack of intelligence of a typical Flames fan, I have unfortunately been dressing down the past year or so.  See, Flames fans fail to realize that in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter who wins, especially in the regular season.  We should all talk a tonne of trash, give each other a hard time and then go to the bar and have some fun. 

Flames fans fail to realize this and tend to prefer gang jumping Oiler fans, especially on nights when the Oilers win.   About two years ago I was 20 minutes from being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I left the bar to walk home wearing my Oilers white jersey, fortunately with no problems to report.  About 20 minutes later another Oilers fan did the same from the same bar and got jumped by four knuckle dragging Flames fans.  Sadly, that’s when I decided to not sport the Oilers jersey if I was heading out on the town after the game. *

*  That rule of course changes come playoff time.  I will again wear the Oilers jersey no matter who Calgary plays.

With all of that said, Adam and I decided to pull together some anti-Mike Comrie t-shirts for tonight’s game.  Flames fans like us ripping Comrie and we both certainly like ripping The Brick Head.  Yes we cheer for the logo on the jersey and support the players that come and go, but Comrie really, truly went as low as a guy can go.  If Heatley played for Calgary and forced his way out of his hometown we’d have a good basis for comparison.  If Comrie was a competent two way hockey player I might forgive to a degree, but he’s the same selfish goal scorer he’s always been.

Below is a picture of the shirts we had made.  Adam had the great idea to put it on the back of an Oilers t-shirt and I managed to squeeze a bit of creativity out of myself for the wording.

Shirts we made for game tonight

Comrie sucks


I’m not going to tee up tonight’s game as there are lots of great bloggers that do a better job than I ever will.  I can say that both teams seem to be playing well which should make for a great game.  I was at the Flames/ Canucks game last Friday night and I have to say that the Flames seem to have rounded into form.  Vancouver couldn’t generate anything offensively until the game was almost over.  I’ll be interested in checking out Hockey Noob’s analysis of the Oiler’s quality shots to see if Calgary is able to contain us. 

At the end of the day though, it isn’t going to matter.  Oilers 5- Flames 3. 

Enjoy the game!



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4 responses to “Headed Down to the Saddledome for the Oilers at the Flames

  1. Hey Noob,

    I like ‘opportunistic’. If Comrie plays with players who are gifted distributors, he’ll float to open ice and create a scoring chance.

    It’s funny. I write that and immediate think of Brett Hull. But I laugh at comparing Comrie and Hull. Who knows though, Comrie’s still young enough to add a bit of depth to his skill set.

  2. Hockey Noob

    Haha yeah! I guess what I basically meant is that Comrie doesn’t seem to drive a tremendous amount of offense. Though he’s not often the guy carrying the puck through the neutral zone or creating plays in offensive zone, he’s more the type that finds the right place to be to put the puck in the net. Of course, this is also a good thing.

    Today, Pat Quinn used a far better and more applicable term to describe Mike Comrie. He referred to Comrie as the “opportunist” which is a better fit.

  3. The silver lining is I can just focus on cheering on the Oilers without having to remember to boo Comrie whenever he touches the puck.

    Agree with ‘goal suck’ terminology. I played with a few of those growing up and was arguably one myself before I converted to goalie.

  4. Hockey Noob

    Hey Jonathan, it’s really unfortunate that Comrie’s out with the flu–for more reasons than one! Of course the t-shirt situation included…

    Using the lingo from when I played Bantam hockey (a very long time ago, I might add), Comrie’s style of play could somewhat be described as, “a goal suck.” Fortunately, he’s been putting pucks in the net for the Oilers now. However, it’s not hard to understand the animosity that he created with his previous departure from the team.

    Great shirts!

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