Shot of Sports Juice: Tiger Woods’ vehicle is too big to drive

As everyone has likely heard, Tiger Woods dinged up his SUV at 2.30am this morning, hitting a fire hydrant and a tree.  Fortunately it sounds like he just has a couple of scratches and a bit of egg on his face. 

I find it a bit interesting that the cops indicate that booze wasn’t a factor, but charges are pending.  Combine that with the time of the accident and I think it’ll be an interesting tale when it comes out.  If it comes out…

Most interesting to me will be the tug of war between Tiger and the media.  Tiger protects his privacy vehemently while the media in today’s age love nothing better than to jump on stories of wrong doing and go way, way, waaaaay overboard on their coverage of matters that barely pass as news. 

To make the stew even more convoluted, add all the rumours and misinformation that will come from those of us with a voice on the internet and no journalism skills.  This could get scary and most certainly will be a sad example of our society’s insatiable appetite for celebrity gossip.

And with that said, I’m off to go watch the Golf Channel….



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2 responses to “Shot of Sports Juice: Tiger Woods’ vehicle is too big to drive

  1. callaway x 18

    The members who command the best service at your golf club either have the lowest handicaps or the highest bar bills

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