The 250 Word Project: Edmonton Oilers Top 10 Seasons

I frequently get teased about my ability to write in 100 words what can be said in 10.  I typically shrug my shoulders and provide a wry smile as my response. 

As part of preparing myself for the world of word counts, I thought I would take some of my best posts and shorten them to an impossibly short 250 words.  The goal is to get across the same message in very few words. 

I will start with my piece on that originally ran on November 7th, 2009.  It came in at a tidy 2,424 words.  I’ve cut it to 249.

The following is a list of the top 10 individual seasons by players  not yet elected into the Hockey Hall of Fame.  Some nostalgic relief thinking back to better days.

10.  Randy Gregg- 1983-1984

Gregg netted 13 goals and 27 assists while manning the #1 PK unit.  

9.  Jimmy Carson- 1988-1989

You’ve just been traded to the Oilers for Wayne Gretzky.  What do you do in response?  49 goals and 100 points.

8.  Ryan Smyth- 2005-2006

The heart and soul of the team that lost the Cup to Carolina.  Smitty scored a career high 36 goals and added 30 assists.  

7.  Esa Tikkanen- 1989-1990

Tiks was never better than in 89-90 where he helped the Oilers to their 5th Stanley Cup.

6.  Vincent Damphousse- 1991-1992

I had mentally blocked Vinny’s Oilers year.  He led with 89 points on a team that made the conference finals. 

5.  Todd Marchant- 1996-1997

4.  Curtis Joseph- 1996-1997

Cujo played 72 of the regular season games, sporting a 2.93 GAA, a .907 save percentage and 6 shutouts

3.  Steve Smith- 1987-1988

Smith has 12 goals and 43 assists while playing the role of team enforcer.  His 286 penalty minutes were most in team history.

2.  Charlie Huddy- 1982-1983

Huddy posted his career best for goals, points, +/-, and game winning goals. Including PP and PK time, he was +96 for a team that scored 424 goals. 

1.  Doug Weight- 1995-1996

Yes they were bad, yet this Oilers team contained the greatest individual Oiler season by someone not in the Hall.  Weight had 25 goals and 79 assists.  He scored or assisted on 43% and was on the ice for an astonishing 54% of all Oiler goals that were scored.


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