The 250 Word Project: Saturday Night Double Dip- Louis CK and Corb Lund

The following was originally 2191 self indulgent and occasionally humourous story of the night I had to be two places at once.  It originally ran on November 8, 2009.  I got this one down to 341 words.  I could have made 250 if I cut the story of our struggle to get into the concert.  I decided to leave it in as it is the only indicator that the night was frantic.  And it was frantic!

Last night was a historic race in the name of fun and entertainment.  A careless mistake on my part left us with tickets to the Louis CK comedy show and a Corb Lund concert.  Rather than settle for one show we made a run at both.

We arrived at the University a little early and found some seats at the back of the hall.  At 8.00pm, Louis came on stage and told us he hadn’t had much of a chance to see Calgary, but that was ok because he had absolutely no interest in seeing any of Calgary. 

I struggle to describe Louis’ comedy.  Basically, your sides are splitting throughout but your brain tells you to be ashamed of your laughter.  Louis portrays himself as a self absorbed pessimist, who actually hopes that bad things happen to others

Louis’ set wrapped up at 9.02pm.  Crap!  We’re probably getting to Corb at about 9.30pm so we’re in ok shape, maybe missing a few songs. 

We get there right at 9.30pm and hear music.  We go straight to the ticket takers.  They scan Katherine’s ticket, ‘bee-boop’.  They scan my ticket, ‘nrraahhhh’.  The girl says, ‘Go over to the ticket counter’. Double crap!

After what seems like an eternity, ticket window lady says, ‘It’s ok, I’ll walk you in’.  They scan my ticket, ‘nrraahhhh’.  ‘It’s ok’, the lady says.  They scan Katherine’s ticket, ‘nraahhhh’.  Triple crap!  The lady gives us a curious look and I explain they already scanned the ticket our first attempt in.  That does the trick and we are finally in!  Woo-hoo! 

We then quickly made our way out onto the floor and took in the rest of the show.  Corb was in a great mood and so was the crowd.  Part way through the roughly 2 1/2 hour set, Ian Tyson made his way onto the stage.  The crowd appropriately went bananas.  It was a great show and an eclectic crowd as is always the case with Corb. 

The show wrapped up around midnight and we went back out into the night to catch the train home.  So glad we took in the double dip!


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