Buffalo Bills 2010 Season Preview

It’s going to be a long season that probably isn’t worth paying attention to.  I was going to say ‘a season filled with disappointment’ but that would require some sort of expectations beyond say 4-12.  Actually, they probably could disappointment me if I’m thinking 4-12.

To get myself familiar with this year’s edition of the team, I swung by the Bills’ website.  I thought I could research the players and get excited.   Turns out that is too much to ask.  There were no depth charts and no meaningful analysis on the team. 

Here’s what I can guess about this year’s edition:

  • The Bills have an old and out of touch general manager.
  • The Bills have a conservative and out of touch head coach.
  • The Bills do not have a NFL calibre quarterback.
  • The Bills do have some talent at running back.  This is greatly mitigated by the inability to throw the football more than 10 yards downfield.  Is it possible to squeeze nine men into the box?
  • The Bills passing game will consist of short screens and dumpoffs to RBs, short passes to tight ends and the occassional pass to Lee Evans on third and longs. 
  • The Bills have an excellent punter.  This is good as they will have to punt every time they do not turn the ball over or start in the opponent’s side of half.
  • The Bills released Aaron Schobel, their only effective pass rusher from last season.
  • The Bills top interception man, Jarius Byrd, has recently had three operations on his groin.  This probably is ok, as most teams will run the ball to drain the clock on Buffalo in the second half.

At the end of last season, I wrote that I had basically had enough of the Buffalo Bills.   I thought I was ready to climb back aboard the bandwagon, but it is clear I still need some time to play the field.   If any team would like to have me as a new fan, I would happily consider.  Teams from the AFC East need not apply.


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