The most interesting NHL quote ever!

I like hyperboles.  They are the most awesome thing ever.  Nothing is more conducive to hyperbole than the world of sports.   Except maybe politics, though that is probably better classified as lying.

Here is a nice piece of overstatement from Eric Francis, writer for Sun Media:

“Two games into the pre-season and it’s clear there’s no possible way for Carey Price to succeed in Montreal.

Given the way the relationship between Price and the fans has deteriorated over the last two years, it’s to the point there’s nothing he could possibly do to appease fans who are hell-bent on reminding management they traded the wrong goalie”

A couple of sentences later:

“If the organization is going to move forward and build on the momentum of their unlikely playoff run Price needs to be moved by Habs GM Pierre Gauthier immediately.”

It’s clear?  There’s no possible way?  There’s nothing he could possibly do?   Moved immediately? 

Far be it for me, a hack amateur aspiring writer to criticize someone who does it every day for a living, but this about as sloppy as it gets.  Instead of viewing the situation from 4.2 inches away, I might have taken a deep breath, a couple of steps back and tried to put a bit more perspective on the situation. 

From my perspective, the Carey Price situation in Montreal is one of the more fascinating early season stories in the NHL.   He comes back in 2010 with even higher expectations on the one hand and an expectation of failure on the other hand.  

It is an immense amount of pressure and it will be interesting to see which way it goes.  If Price and the Habs win, he will be universally loved in Montreal.  He might crack under the pressure, but he might triumph.  Such is the beauty of sports. 

One thing that is clear is that there’s no possible way the book has already been closed on this story.


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One response to “The most interesting NHL quote ever!

  1. Ross Hudgins

    Granted there is huge pressure on Price, not to mention the rest of the team, but if they make the playoffs on Price’s back, everyone forgets about Halak.

    Damien Cox of the Toronto Star writes similar junk about Kessel (or whoever the whipping boy is that week). Well thought out, intriguing sports journalism is just hard find.

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