Happy 1000th Game Captain Canada!

Tonight, Ryan Smyth will play his 1000th NHL regular season game when the Los Angeles Kings host the Nashville Predators.

Smitty ranks among my favourite players of all time.  I think the list goes something like Andy Moog, Wayne Gretzky, Ryan Smyth.  At home I have three Smyth jerseys, one of which is autographed.  I also have an autographed Team Canada #9 that will eventually get onto a 2002 Olympic jersey. 

Sportsnet had a nice piece on Smyth yesterday, along with a great bunch of photos tracking the mullet over the years.  The best part of the Spector piece was the recollection of the triple overtime game 3 game against San Jose in the playoffs a few years back. 

That game was the first time I ever saw a game live in Edmonton.  I’m the idiot in the front row who kept standing up and waving at the camera every time the puck was down in the end to the right of the screen.  Anyways, Smitty busted a bunch of teeth, came back and survived the three overtimes before nabbing an assist on the winner.  That’s probably all you need to know about the guy.

For those that want more, below are his career stats from his first 999 games courtesy of hockey-reference.  Click on the picture below to enlarge it.

Last up are Smyth’s stats while lacing it up for Team Canada.  Arguably, there has never been a player of Captain Canada’s caliber represent our country more. 

Enjoy your night tonight Smitty!


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