NHL All Time Best Players from Western Provinces

Thanks to  Hockey-Reference, I stumbled on the ability to sort through NHL players by province of birth.  I started with my home province of Saskatchewan to see who we had put through to the show.  I then tried to see if Saskatoon had more NHLers than Regina (we don’t 84 to 73).

I then wanted to see how Saskatchewan fared for total NHLers vs. Alberta (lost 511 to 477).  After total NHLer victories over Manitoba and British Columbia, I decided to make the best two lines from each province.

As a general warning, all of the above was done in about 10 minutes.  The all time best has a heavy skew towards goals and points.  My apologies to any Hall of Famers that I missed (couldn’t sort that way).  At some I might (but probably won’t) come back to this topic and give it a detailed review.

The lines after the jump.


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