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The 250 Word Project: Saturday Night Double Dip- Louis CK and Corb Lund

The following was originally 2191 self indulgent and occasionally humourous story of the night I had to be two places at once.  It originally ran on November 8, 2009.  I got this one down to 341 words.  I could have made 250 if I cut the story of our struggle to get into the concert.  I decided to leave it in as it is the only indicator that the night was frantic.  And it was frantic! Continue reading


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The 250 Word Project: Edmonton Oilers Top 10 Seasons

I frequently get teased about my ability to write in 100 words what can be said in 10.  I typically shrug my shoulders and provide a wry smile as my response. 

As part of preparing myself for the world of word counts, I thought I would take some of my best posts and shorten them to an impossibly short 250 words.  The goal is to get across the same message in very few words. 

I will start with my piece on that originally ran on November 7th, 2009.  It came in at a tidy 2,424 words.  I’ve cut it to 249. Continue reading

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