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Will the Riders beat the Stamps on Sunday?

I was watching a piece on Calgary Stampeders quarterback Henry Burris yesterday.  It focused on Smiling Hank’s inability to beat Saskatchewan in the playoffs.  The former Rider is 0-3 against the green and white since 2006.  I have had the pleasure of being at one of those Saskatchewan victories and am hoping to make it two this Sunday when I brave the cold to watch the West Final in Calgary.

My sense over the past five seasons is that the Riders have by and large been the inferior team, pulling off the upset in at least two of the three victories.   Perhaps that is true based on the regular season standings, but I thought I would quickly take a look at the head to head stats.  Continue reading


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Shot of Sports Juice: It’s been a long time coming for the Riders

On Saturday night, the Saskatchewan Roughriders clinched their first Western Division title since 1976.  A remarkable run considering it has been a 4 to 5 team division throughout that period.

To put it into perspective, the following things have occured in my life since the Riders last hosted the Western Division final:

  1. Got my first teeth.
  2. Became toilet trained.
  3. Moved to Ontario.
  4. Started elementary school.
  5. Moved to Saskatoon.
  6. Lost my baby teeth.
  7. Started high school.
  8. Broke several of my adult teeth.
  9. Started university.
  10. Finished university.
  11. Left Canada.
  12. Moved back to Canada.
  13. Got married.
  14. Bought an awesome tv with high definition.

Put another way, Warren Moon:

  1. Started his CFL career.
  2. Ended his CFL career.
  3. Started his NFL career.
  4. Ended his NFL career.
  5. Inducted into CFL Hall of Fame.
  6. Waited five years
  7. Got inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame.

Put one final way:

  1. Rise of the 8-track cassette.
  2. Rise of the cassette tape.
  3. Fall of the 8-track.
  4. Fall of the LP album.
  5. Rise of the compact disc.
  6. Fall of the cassette tape.
  7. Rise of the mp3.
  8. Comeback of the LP album.
  9. Commencement of the fall of the cd.

I could do this all day!  Any other time analogies?


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