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Today’s Game: Drive for Dough and Putt for Show?

I used to be a pretty good golfer, peaking at a 3 handicap when I was 21 years old. Over time I lost my game; I am still struggling to find it. Today I am a 14 handicap which is an improvement from where I was five years ago. The cruel irony is that I am a much better putter now than I was back in the day.

What’s changed? The driver yips. The Ian Baker-Finch’s if you will. As a left-handed golfer, I can miss it 80 yards left and miss it 40 yards right. If I was lucky, I might hit a single fairway in a round. I could easily incur 10-15 penalty strokes related to my tee shots.

My inability to accurately drive the golf ball impacts the rest of my game. From the rough, I will have a 5 or 6 iron into the green instead of an 8 or 9 iron from the fairway. That leads to missed greens which leads to a lot of two-putt bogeys or triples, depending on whether or not I kept my tee shot on the golf course. What used to be a round of 75 quickly became a round of 95. I had three or four birdies one year. In a year! Continue reading



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