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Show up, Keep up and Shut up

I wish Steve Williams would just tell us how he feels already.  I can’t take much more of not knowing his thoughts on his departure from Tiger Woods.  On the one hand Williams did moonlight with Adam Scott, which is an absolute no-no in almost every player’s books.  On the other hand, Tiger didn’t have the common decency to tell Williams he wasn’t playing in the US Open in June.  Stevie flew around the world from New Zealand to find out his services weren’t required.  What’s wrong with helping out a buddy like Adam Scott for a week?  Continue reading


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Director of Common Sense: Corey Pavin and the Ryder Cup

With a tip of the cap to Bill Simmons, originator (as I know it) of the Director of Common Sense position for NFL teams, I am going to apply for the position for the US Ryder Cup team.  I would like ten minutes with US team captain Corey Pavin to impart some wisdom as tensions rise in advance of the Ryder Cup, which will be played in early October in Wales. Continue reading

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Tiger Woods Prediction


Not sure if I am being original or not, but my prediction is that Tiger Woods will play next week in the Phoenix Open.  My logic?  When asked why he had to have the conference today up against the Accenture Match Play, his agent said, “It has to be Friday”.  The simplest explanation for that statement is that players have to commit to next week’s tournament by 5pm today.

When I came up with my prediction I thought next week was at Doral.  I am a little less confident picking Phoenix but I will let it roll.

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The Cayman Islands, Tiger Woods, Ed Belfour and the Ritz Carlton

Happy holidays from the Cayman Islands!  I am down, down south visiting friends and family, foregoing the traditional cold and snow in exchange for heat and flip flops.  It is an easy exchange to be sure, made even easier with the recent addition of TSN to the Cayman television lineup.  

Before I jump into my little story, I will give a bit of necessary background.  Continue reading


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