I started this blog about three years ago with a goal of combining statistical analysis and common sense to the world of sports, with a bit of humour mixed in.  I probably achieved that for a year or two and haven’t written much of late.

The majority of my writing relate to hockey and baseball, though I  occasionally discuss football, golf, poker and tennis.

The highlight of my writing career thus far was having my post on the Colts and Saints pursuit of a perfect season used as the basis for a December, 2009 article on Sports Illustrated.com.

As for revised goals for this blog, it is a space to noodle through questions I have on various topics and occasionally put out my opinion on something. Over time, hopefully my style improves and my writing is more concise.

Away from sports, I just wrapped up a stint working for an oil and gas company as their Chief Financial Officer.  I am married to my favourite girl who doubles as my partner in travel and music.  I hail originally from Saskatoon, but unlike most Sask. imports living in Calgary, I took the long way there.  After stops in Kelowna and the Cayman Islands, I came to the Stampede city in 2005.  2013 is the year we start the next adventure with a new baby in tow.

I can be reached at jonathanjoyce37@gmail.com