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Naming Winnipeg’s NHL Team

My congratulations go out to Winnipeg Jets fans, who yesterday received news that the NHL was coming back to town after 15 years.  While they aren’t getting back their Jets, who still somehow reside in Glendale, they are back in the game. 

What the heck is this new team going to be called?  My sense is that the overwhelming public sentiment is that they be called the Winnipeg Jets.   Other names I have come across are the Manitoba Jets, Manitoba/Winnipeg Moose, Manitoba/Winnipeg Falcons and Manitoba/ Winnipeg Thrashers.  The Moose is Winnipeg’s currently American Hockey League franchise name, while the Falcons were an amateur team in Winnipeg that represented Canada in the 1920 Olympics and the first ice hockey gold medal awarded.  The Thrashers would represent maintaining the team’s name from Atlanta.  Calling the team the Thrashers would shock me. Continue reading



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The Atlanta Thrashers at the Quarter Pole and a Look Ahead

What me?  Write about the Atlanta Thrashers?  I am just as surprised as you.  As a typical Canadian hockey fan, I tend to only discuss the Thrashers in terms of which Canadian city they might end up in.  They went to Calgary last time, so that is out.  Perhaps Winnipeg or Quebec City?  As a second team in Toronto?  Time will tell. 

The Thrashers have seemingly been one of the pleasant surprises this season, currently on a six game winning streak.  Folks have started taking notice, including the Sports Juice.  I am in a fantasy hockey league for the first time in about 10 years and I drafted a few Thrashers (Byfuglien, Bogosian and Kane).  Byfuglien in particular has been amazing. 

What I thought I would do is quickly put together the same charts as I did the other day for the Oilers.  The question I aim to answer is what to expect the rest of the season.  Continue reading

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