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Sports Juice: Baseball Greatest Hits

With the baseball season starting later this week, I though I would blow the dust off of my favourite blog posts that relate to baseball.  I have my MLB.tv subscription ready to go and am excited for the return of spring.  If only it would stop snowing in Calgary…

1. Stephen Strasburg will dominate, but for how long? – a post about Strasburg and injury risks just prior to his first major league start last year.  My fantasy team misses him dearly.

2. Jason Bay: I just felt like the Mets would give me a chance to make the most money.  Written just after Bay signed with the Mets in the winter of 2009.

3. Who should be in charge of the MLB Hall of Fame Vote?  From January, 2010, a comparison of MLB voting rules with other professional sports.

4. Shot to the gut, Baltimore Orioles style.  Written after Buck Showalter’s hire last year.  Was shocked to see Ken Rosenthal pick Baltimore to finish 4th ahead of the Jays in his predictions column today.

5. How to win your fantasy baseball pool.

I have some baseball related posts in the hopper and will be working on them over the next few weeks.


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Sports Juice: 5 Tips to Win Your Fantasy Baseball Season

When I started this blog last year, one of the first topics I came up with related to fantasy baseball.  Now that it is March, I can finally write that piece.

My fantasy involvement came about 10 years ago.   Without much in the way of a specific team to cheer for, I instead focused on the appreciation of specific players.  This led me to fantasy baseball which in turn led me to donating some money to some of my buddies.  I would typically stock my team with my favourite players, pay too much to trade for Albert Pujols and then wonder why I was in the bottom half of the standings.  Continue reading


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